Energetic electro pop dance

Various current club music genres put in the Greg J blender

Ultrakinetic V3
Rave Face Melter Jams - going back to my roots and continuing a series (Clean)
(V1+2 were pre-mp3 CD's

Retro Destination
Indie Dance / New 80's / Old 80's / 80's 80's (Clean)

A modern mash mix of rap & rock, trap, dance, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, 10's, etc (Clean)

Club mixes:

Helter Swelter (June 2014)
club heat (Clean)

Crunktronic ---- tracklist
older club heat (Clean)

June 2010 Club Mix ---- tracklist
even older club heat

I Came To Party Bitches ---- tracklist
mainstream electro

On Turntables ---- tracklist
no idea, at all. I don't remember this mix at all.
I could probably click that link for the tracklist and find out but that would ruin the surprise.

Music 4 Rumpshaking
if this doesn't have Wrecks N Effects on it, you should rightly complain to management and demand a refund. It probably doesn't have Wrecks N Effects on it, it's old, I don't have a clue. But it should. So if it doesn't do me a favor please and sing it in there somewhere.

Live at Apartment 24 ---- tracklist
circa 2006 / 2007-ish. I can't remember, it's from back when that spot was bangin, wall to wall hotties that liked to shake it.

Live in St Louis (All Vinyl Mix)
someyear early 00's, co-headlined (Bad Boy Bill was the main headliner is all I remember)

The Mash Up (All Vinyl Mix)
Sued for a sample, or more like 100 of them

Crunkstyle ---- tracklist
early 00's, from whatever year Beyonce - Crazy In Love was new, google that.

Disco / Funk Mix - March 21, 2010
is exactly what it says (Clean)


Rock / Alt mixes:

Sunday Indie Mix - Feb 2010 ---- tracklist
indie dance, alternative, and 80's

Modern / Alt Rock - Nov 2009 ---- tracklist
no idea. it's probably terrible.. but worth keeping due to being moderately ecclectic

Rockafied ---- tracklist
rock & rap, maybe more mash but leans toward rock.

December 12, 2008 @ Betty's Rock Club
is exactly what it says


EDM (Electronic) mixes:

Brolio Broglesias Tribute Mix
mix of dubstep bangers

BANG! ---- tracklist
breakbeat mix (Clean)

booty electro

Smells Like Chicken ---- tracklist
booty and indie electro

Live at Ruby Skye - August 2006 (Vinyl+CDJ) ---- tracklist
breakbeat, local headliner for DJ Icey

2x4 with Atomic Hooligan - August 2005 (All Vinyl Mix)
breakbeat, local headliner for Atomic Hooligan, this was recorded live the next day

Old Skool Live Mix - April 2006 (All Vinyl Mix)
promo mix for an old skool rave festival in Spain I headlined

Booty Rocka (All Vinyl Mix)
I don't remember. Listen to it. I probably will too so I can refresh myself as to what this is, except sike I won't because I'm listening to something else right now and will forget.

2x4 with Danger Girl - Badness (All Vinyl Mix)
drum & bass jungle, early 00's

Class Is In Session - 1992 Breakbeat Hardcore (All Vinyl Mix) ---- tracklist
old skool rave mix, recorded live on 4 turntables a long time ago



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PS, if it doesn't say (Clean) in the title above, it's probably dirty.
You probably shouldn't play it in store!